High Ropes Challenges

Hargate Hall has an extensive purpose built high and low ropes challenge course within it's 7.5 acres. This can be hired on a half day or full day basis by residential groups staying at the hall or by non-residential visiting groups. The challenge course currently consists of the following activities, but we are adding to it all the time so why not e-mail Julie and Anthony Knox at Hargate Hall and receive updates as and when the course is enhanced.

Beer Crate Challenge

Groups divide into a number of roles to build a high tower of empty beer crates. Some of the team climb on top of the tower, protected by fall-arrest systems operated by colleagues on the ground. The Beer Crate Challenge is great fun to both watch and participate in. Trainers will appreciate that it is ideal for focusing on team working, quality issues and continual improvement.

Leap of Faith

Quite simply a participant climbs to a platform approximately 8 metres off the ground. While protected by a fall-arrest system operated by colleagues on the ground they are invited to step or leap off the platform... and then be lowered gently back to the ground. As the name suggests this activity requires trust, support, coaching and confidence. It will be the activity most feared but most enthused about around the dinner table later in the evening!

Jacob`s Ladder

The activity consists of an 8 metre high giant ladder constructed from wire cables and wooden poles. Three participants protected by fall-arrest systems operated by colleagues on the ground will need to work as a team to help each other to the top of the ladder. Success on this challenge will depend on planning, teamwork, support and motivation.

Low Ropes Challenges

Low ropes challenges are ideal team and leadership development activities in their own right or can be used to compliment the more adventurous high ropes challenges. Low ropes activities currently available at Hargate Hall include:

Mohawk Walk

The team is tasked with traversing around a continuous horizontal steel cable approximately 30-40 cm off the ground. The cable stretches between trees and participants benefit from various hanging ropes and devices to aid their traverse. Of course it's really not that easy and teams who plan, support each other, rehearse and apply new skills may well be more successful than others!

Spider's Web

Hanging between two trees is a large 'bungee cord' version of a Spider's Web. Quite simply the team is tasked with moving through the web from one side to the other. The tricky constraints include not touching the web and only using any one hole once. These and other rules for the activity require teams to focus on planning, time management, communication and even leadership skills if they are to be successful.

Hargate Hurdles

The challenge is to cross a defined area which contains wooden hurdles providing barriers to cross. The means of crossing the area, and the hurdles, may include beer crates, barrels and wooden planks, and teams will need to work effectively together with each other and the equipment supplied in order to achieve the goal.

Aqua Action

A vertical perforated tube containing a message in a bottle. The team must fill the tube with an adjacent supply of water whilst blocking the many holes with their fingers, chin, forehead or whatever! until the bottle floats out of the top.

Lawn Areas

Hargate Hall boasts extensive lawn areas which are ideal for low level team challenge activities. Visiting training companies will find they can run countless team challenges on these or in the woods. Lawn areas available for team activities will be defined and separate to areas commonly used by other groups who may be staying at the Hall at the same time as your event.

High and Low Ropes course hire fees

Due to the nature and layout of the high and low activities in the woods it is not possible to split the high activities and the low activities for different user groups. Therefore unless otherwise agreed in advance the hire of the high and low ropes course will be per day or per half day and will be exclusive to any one group per session.

High and Low Ropes Activities

Hire of the activities per half day = £20 per person
Hire of the activities per full day = £35 per person

Lawn Areas

Defined lawn areas may be used free of charge by residential groups.
Defined lawn areas may be hired for £100 per half day or £150 per full day by non-residential groups.

The above prices are exclusive of VAT

Challenge Course Safety

Visiting training companies wishing to use the high and low ropes challenge activities must demonstrate that they have appropriate Public Liability insurance cover for the activities they are supplying. In addition they must ensure their safety supervisors are included on the 'approved staff' list* which is our safety audit of competent activity supervisors.

* If your staff are not currently on the approved list you will need to contact Mick Earle at Wild Track by calling 01433 621006 or e-mailing mick@wild-track.com in good time prior to your course or event. For reasons of health and safety you will I'm sure understand that we cannot permit the use of the facilities for groups who cannot demonstrate competence or who do not hold the appropriate insurance cover.

See also our self catering holidays website www.hargate-hall.co.uk